sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

La Teoría del Beneficio

The simple dictates of fairness and the interests of a free economy both point to the need for "humanizing" business enterprise. Inasmuch as realism in our economics points to the same need, it would be unwise to cling to any theory ”no matter what its other attributes” which sacrifices this need for reasons of arbitrary neatness; more, it would be scientifically indefensible. Empirical observation casts considerable doubt on the thesis that enterprise always, or even typically, maximizes profits. Maximization, not merely of profit, but in general is not the only, or even the most plausible, mode of human search.[8] In sum, the evidence from a number of other sources and disciplines converges with the foregoing analysis in calling for the abandonment of the profit-maximization postulate.

Louis M. Spadaro

[8] One possibility, for example, is that the objective may be a minimum level or threshold of satisfaction, cf. H.A. Simon, Models of Man (New York, 1957). Simon's concept of "satisficing" has psychological plausibility and is in accord with some types of observed enterprise behavior.

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